CBR10 Book Review #15: The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory was simply lovely. Alexa and Drew meet when stuck in a hotel elevator together in San Francisco. Alexa is on her way to meet her sister to celebrate a promotion. Drew is begrudgingly going to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. The two strangers hit it off immediately, so Drew takes a chance and invites Alexa to the wedding. He gets a bit carried away and tells everyone she’s his girlfriend. Luckily, Alexa doesn’t mind and they have an amazing time at the wedding and eventual sleepover. The chemistry is electric between them as they spend the next day together. But alas, they have to return to the real world – Drew back to LA to his doctor duties and Alexa back to Berkeley and her job in the mayor’s office. But they both can’t get each out of their heads.

The couple embarks on a long-distance romance to court each other on weekends. Drew is determined to keep it casual but can’t stop wanting to see Alexa more and more. Alexa hasn’t had the best luck with men, so she goes into every date as if the fun may end any second. The romantic conflict and their dialogue while fighting via text were very relatable to me. They didn’t have any epic force tearing them apart. Instead, it was their own insecurities, some cultural differences, and career aspirations. The narration switched between the two, so it was fun experiencing the relationship from both sides. The book wasn’t just about them getting together, but whether their relationship could really work with their actual lives.

I loved everything about it – the LA/SF setting, the love interests and of course all the food they ate together. If you’re looking for a light romance with medium stakes, this book is for you.

This is my fifteenth review for Cannonball Read 10. An annual, memorial book challenge to read and review 52 books in a year. Or 26. Or 13. Choose your level and read to meet your goal all while fundraising for the American Cancer Society in the memory of AlabamaPink.

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